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Saddle Pad Storage Solutions & Ideas - What Works Best?

saddle pads being stored

Keeping your saddle pads well-organized and in prime condition is something shared by many riders and equestrians. Proper storage not only ensures the longevity of your pads but also maintains the orderliness of your tack room.

We look into the variety of storage options, from instant solutions to more thoughtful, long-term strategies. Also see our Ariat bags collection.


From racks to shelving to bags, there are many options for storing your saddle pad for longevity.


saddle pad storage bag

Instant Saddle Pad Storage: Wall-Mounted Racks


Wall-mounted racks are a simple but effective way we store saddle pads, offering an instant solution to the age-old problem of tack room clutter. By deciding to hang your pads on racks, you free up valuable floor space while ensuring your gear is easily accessible and adequately aired out.

Whether you opt to purchase commercial racks or embrace the DIY spirit with custom hooks and hangers, you'll find that your tack room not only looks more organized but functions better too. The easiest is to get into Bunnings and grab some simple racks.


Blanket Bars and Boxes: Seal and Protect Your Pads


If you're wanting to keep their saddle pads free from dust and moisture, the answer could lie in the use of blanket bars and storage boxes.

With a simple lid to seal away threats, these options pack a lot of appeal for equestrians looking to protect their tack. Labeling each box or designating specific bars for different pads can make accessing your gear even easier, allowing you to focus more on riding and less on rummaging through piles on the barn floor. 

Again, you can pick these up from Bunnings or Mitre 10 for only a few bucks.


Hanging Solutions


The idea of hanging saddle pads may not be new, but the ease and efficiency it brings to tack room organization cannot be overstated. Moving beyond traditional hangers, equestrians are now employing innovative hooks that can easily be attached to doors or beams, offering a "viola" moment as you discover how much space you can save. This method not only helps pads dry faster but also keeps them within arm's reach for those frequently on the move.

This is particularly handy for training pads you might use on a daily basis, and may only put int he washing machine one a week or month!


Freestanding Shelving: Easy Access


For equestrians who love the idea of having all their gear in one easy-to-access location, freestanding shelving units are simple and obvious. They provide a dedicated spot to store saddle pads, turning a chaotic shed or tack room into an organized space. With the ability to easily move and adjust the shelves, you'll find that keeping your tack room tidy becomes a lot less of a chore.

Ask your hubby to build one (if he's handy), or once again, head into Bunnings for cheap but quality simply shelving.

Under-Bench Storage: Grow Your Space, Not Your Clutter

Maximising the utility of every inch in your shed or tack room means looking for creative solutions like under-bench storage. This idea came to me as I was looking for ways to store pads without taking up more floor space.

By adding lids to benches, you can easily pack away saddle pads, keeping them out of sight but close at hand. It's an ingenious way to grow your storage options without having to expand your tack room physically.


Saddle Pad Storage Bags


horse rug storage bags used for saddle pads



It seems obvious, but many saddle pads, and also horse rugs, are purchased in a plastic bag with zips. Don't throw them away. These are particularly handy for storage and travel to shows.

I have found though that they can be susceptible to growing mold if pads are wet. It doesn't matter if it's a dressage pad or jumping pad, if they're wet, they'll grow mold.

I try and only use these for clean, and dry pads. Most bags also have handles, so you can hang them up easily.

Final Note

Embracing these storage solutions can significantly enhance your tack room's functionality, making it easier for you to maintain and access your saddle pads.

Whether you've just started to organise your space or are looking to refine an existing system, these ideas offer a variety of ways to improve your storage game.

Chris Durkan

Chris is an enthusiastic horse rider and enthusiast and lives with his wife and 2 kids , just outside of Brisbane in QLD. He is a self confessed horse obsessed father, and says he makes too many horse and equestrian gear purchases for his wife and kids, which he says, makes him "qualified" to have an opinion on many of the products he buys. While he jokes he's a poor horse dad, he spends his time between his family, his small horse property, working at a local IT firm, and writing for The Equestrian.

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saddle pads being stored
Saddle Pad Storage Solutions & Ideas - What Works Best?

Keeping your saddle pads well-organized and in prime condition is something shared...

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