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A Review Of The Ariat Wexford Boot Range - How Good Is It Really?

the different Ariat Wexford styles

In the equestrian world, the Ariat brand stands out for its commitment to quality, durability, and style, especially evident in its Wexford boots.

This review looks at the deep qualities of the Wexford model, examining its design features, comfort, durability, and overall performance to offer readers a detailed perspective on what to expect from this standout addition to Ariat’s boot range.

Popular within the equestrian community, they've also made their way into inner city Melbourne and Sydney wardrobes - and it's not for walking in paddocks or the mud!

Design and Features

The Ariat Wexford boot is a testament to the brand's dedication to fusing style with functionality. Made from premium full-grain leather, the boot exudes luxury and aesthetic appeal straight out of the box. The design features elastic side panels that enhance ease of wear, coupled with the Duratread™ outsole, providing unrivaled stability and traction.

This makes them suitable for a plethora of activities, from urban adventures to countryside excursions. The Wexford boots don’t just shine in Ariat’s latest collections; they redefine expectations for casual, stylish footwear.

a brown Ariat Wexford boot

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Attention to Detail

Every aspect of the Wexford boot has been thoughtfully designed, from the subtle branding to the meticulous stitching details. These boots come in a variety of colors, including a rich, stylish brown that complements any wardrobe.

The attention to detail extends to the boot’s interior, with a soft lining that ensures comfort around the ankles, a common area of concern for new boot wearers.

Comfort and Fit

Enhanced Comfort for Extended Wear

Ariat's Wexford boots are designed with comfort in mind, ideal for individuals who spend long periods on their feet. The integration of Ariat's proprietary ATS® technology cushions and supports the foot, promoting optimal posture and minimizing fatigue.

This technology, combined with a generous fit, allows for the wearing of thick or thicker socks without compromising on comfort, ensuring that even the pinky toes have ample space.

soles of the Ariat Wexford boot

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Fit and Sizing

Choosing the right size is important for enjoying the full comfort offered by the Wexford boots. They are designed to accommodate a range of foot sizes, including variations in width, ensuring a comfortable fit for nearly every customer.

Potential buyers are advised to consider their usual size and the thickness of socks they intend to wear to find their perfect match. Whether styled with jeans for a casual day out or paired with more formal attire, the versatility of these boots is unmatched.

Durability and Performance

Ariat’s commitment to producing durable footwear is clearly evident in the Wexford boot. The high-quality full-grain leather not only contributes to the boot's aesthetic appeal but also ensures its longevity.

These boots are built to withstand regular use across a variety of conditions, including rain and light snow (although not that common in Australia), thanks to their waterproof capabilities. Customers can expect their Wexford boots to maintain their quality and comfort for years, making them a wise investment for anyone looking for reliable, stylish footwear.

Maintenance and Care

Keeping the Wexford boots in pristine condition is straightforward. Regular cleaning and application of a leather conditioner will maintain the softness of the leather and prevent any potential drying or cracking.

It’s recommended to store the boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve their color and material integrity over time.

Consumer Reviews and Feedback

The Wexford boots boast an impressive average rating, reflecting high customer satisfaction. Reviews frequently commend the boots for their exceptional comfort, particularly when walking for extended periods.

The stylish design is also a significant draw, with many customers appreciating the ease with which the boots pair with diverse outfits. The importance of selecting the right size for optimal comfort is a recurring theme in feedback, emphasizing the boots’ ability to accommodate thicker socks without sacrificing comfort.

Wearing Experience and Style

A Seamless Blend with Various Outfits

The Ariat Wexford boots offer a seamless blend of functionality and style, making them suitable for a wide array of occasions. Their classic design ensures they can be effortlessly paired with everything from jeans to more formal attire, making them a versatile addition to any shoe collection.

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Weather Resistance

Designed to be worn in various weather conditions, the Wexford boots’ waterproof quality has been rigorously tested. Customers express satisfaction with the boots' performance in wet conditions, confirming their feet stay dry and comfortable, whether caught in the rain or trudging through snow.

Conclusion and Verdict

The Ariat Wexford boots are an exemplary fusion of elegance, comfort, and durability. From their stylish full-grain leather construction to the practical waterproof features and cutting-edge ATS® technology, these boots are tailored to meet the needs of the modern wearer.

The Wexford boots’ versatility and performance solidify Ariat's position not just in Australia but as a globally recognized leader in quality footwear.

Final Thoughts

For those in the market for a pair of versatile, durable boots that do not compromise on style, the Ariat Wexford model warrants serious consideration. Whether you're an existing fan of Ariat or seeking your next reliable pair of boots, the Wexford boots are a compelling choice, promising not just a stylish wardrobe addition but a dependable companion for various occasions and conditions.

In conclusion, the Ariat Wexford boots stand as a testament to Ariat's unwavering commitment to quality, comfort, and style. They represent an excellent choice for anyone in search of a versatile, durable boot that elegantly bridges the gap between aesthetics and functionality. Whether navigating city streets or exploring rural trails, the Wexford boots are equipped to accompany you with unparalleled comfort and style.


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Chris Durkan

Chris is an enthusiastic horse rider and enthusiast and lives with his wife and 2 kids , just outside of Brisbane in QLD. He is a self confessed horse obsessed father, and says he makes too many horse and equestrian gear purchases for his wife and kids, which he says, makes him "qualified" to have an opinion on many of the products he buys. While he jokes he's a poor horse dad, he spends his time between his family, his small horse property, working at a local IT firm, and writing for The Equestrian.

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