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25 of 242 products


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25 of 242 products

Below you can see our range of horse ice boots. Quality brands such as Lemieux ice boots, Cryochaps, and ICE-VIBE.

  • $94.95
  • Premier Equine Ice Boots-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • 6 pockets/19"
    • 9 pockets/24"
    Sold out
    Premier Equine Ice Boots
    From $139.95
  • Shop Premier Equine Cold Water Compression Boots for Optimal Recovery-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • small
    • medium
    • large
    • x-large
    Sold out
    Shop Premier Equine Cold ...
  • LeMieux Tendon Chill Boots-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    Sold out
    LeMieux Tendon Chill Boots
  • LeMieux ProIce Freeze Boots-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • medium
    • large
    Sold out
    LeMieux ProIce Freeze Boots
  • Horseware ICE-VIBE Tendon Boots-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    Sold out
    Horseware ICE-VIBE Tendon...
    From $429.99
  • Kentucky Cryo Ice Boots-Dapple EQ-The Equestrian
    Sold out
    Kentucky Cryo Ice Boots
  • Ice-Vibe Cold Circulation Tendon Boots-Little Equine Co-The Equestrian
    • full
    • extra full
    Sold out
    Ice-Vibe Cold Circulation...
    From $342.00
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