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111 products

Eurohunter has a great reputations for quality equestrian gear and product's including rugs, saddle pads, boots, halter and more. Amazing value for money.

Check out the excellence of Eurohunter equestrian gear, a collection thoughtfully crafted for horse enthusiasts. This range features high-quality saddle pads, boots, rugs, and more, each designed to cater to the diverse needs of equestrians. Whether you're jumping, dressage riding, or enjoying a leisurely ride, Eurohunter offers the perfect blend of style, functionality, and comfort.

Saddle Pads

Eurohunter's saddle pads are a standout, offering options for various equestrian disciplines. The collection includes jumping pads, dressage pads, all-purpose pads, and specialized designs like Mattes and Lemieux pads. These pads come in a variety of colors, ensuring both comfort for your horse and a stylish look.

Boots and Bandages

The Eurohunter collection also boasts an impressive range of horse boots and bandages. Catering to different riding needs, you'll find jumping boots, tendon boots, ice boots, and more. These boots provide vital protection and support for your horse, ensuring safety and comfort during any riding activity.

Popular Questions

Below you can see common questions we're asked about this range.

What types of saddle pads are available in the Eurohunter collection?

The Eurohunter collection offers a diverse range of saddle pads including jumping pads, dressage pads, western pads, bareback pads, half pads, and all-purpose pads. They also feature specialized brands like Mattes and Lemieux, available in various colors like red, black, white, navy, and burgundy.

What kind of horse boots does Eurohunter offer?

Eurohunter provides a wide selection of horse boots suitable for different equestrian activities. This includes all-purpose horse boots, bandages and wraps, jumping boots, floating and transport boots, tendon boots, bell boots, exercise boots, ice boots, Veredus jumping boots, Cryochaps, and fly boots.

How do I choose the right Eurohunter product for my horse?

Selecting the right Eurohunter product depends on your horse's discipline and needs. For saddle pads, consider the type of riding you do most often. For boots, factor in the level of protection and support your horse requires. It's also important to ensure the right fit for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

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