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Horse Electrolytes - Equestrian Recovery Supplements

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29 of 658 products

Below you can see our range of electrolytes to aid in the recovery of horses and ponies from work or competition. Also be sure to check out our other health products including vitamins, toxin binders, and hoof care products.

  • Container of Cavalor Equicare Electrolyte Balance supplement, 800 grams.
    Cavalor Equicare Electrol...
    From $69.99
  • CEN Electrolyte-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    CEN Electrolyte
    From $47.95
  • KER Restore
    From $34.95
  • Hi Form Oxydane 1kg-Ascot Saddlery-The Equestrian
    Sold out
    Hi Form Oxydane 1kg
  • CEN Complete Electrolyte-Trailrace Equestrian Outfitters-The Equestrian
    • 2kg
    Sold out
    CEN Complete Electrolyte
  • Ranvet Electro Paste-Trailrace Equestrian Outfitters-The Equestrian
    Sold out
    Ranvet Electro Paste
  • Kelatolyte - The Ultimate Solution for Skin Care-Trailrace Equestrian Outfitters-The Equestrian
    • 800g
    • 3kg
    • 8kg
    Sold out
    Kelatolyte - The Ultimate...
    From $28.95
  • Kelatolyte Kelato 3kg-Ascot Saddlery-The Equestrian
    Sold out
    Kelatolyte Kelato 3kg
  • Shop Electrolift Paste by BetaVet - Premium Veterinary Supplement for Professionals-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • 30g
    • 500g
    Sold out
    Shop Electrolift Paste by...
    From $17.95

The Power of Electrolytes: Vital for Equine Well-being

Electrolytes are the cornerstone of your horse's health, acting as essential minerals that maintain fluid balance, support muscle function, and regulate nerve impulses. In the equine body, these electrolytes - including sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium - are not just substances; they are the lifeblood of your horse's well-being.

Understanding Electrolyte Science: More Than Just Salts

Diving deeper into the science, electrolytes are not merely salts; they are a complex interplay of ions and solvents, crucial for transmitting electrical signals across cells. These electrolytes dissolve into cations and anions in the body, facilitating the movement of electrons and ions that are vital for muscular and neural activities.

When Your Horse Needs More: Identifying Electrolyte Deficit

Various conditions can lead to an electrolyte deficit in horses. Intense activity, sweating, and even certain medical conditions can deplete these vital minerals. Recognizing the signs of electrolyte imbalance, like muscle weakness or fatigue, is key to providing timely supplementation.

Electrolyte Supplements: Restoring Balance and Enhancing Performance

Our range of horse electrolyte supplements is designed to restore this crucial balance. They provide a potent solution, rich in essential electrolytes and formulated to match the specific needs of your horse. Whether it’s for recovery, performance enhancement, or maintaining general well-being, these supplements ensure your horse stays hydrated and healthy.

Easy to Use, Effective in Action

These supplements come with clear directions for use, ensuring you can easily integrate them into your horse's diet. Their high solubility and palatable taste make them a hassle-free addition to your horse care routine.

Science-Backed, Horse-Approved

Rooted in the principles of veterinary science and chemistry, our electrolyte supplements are a testament to the marriage of science and nature. They are developed with a deep understanding of equine physiology, ensuring they meet the high standards of care your horse deserves.

Popular Questions

Below are common questions we're asked about these supplements.

How do I know if my horse needs an electrolyte supplement?

Your horse may need an electrolyte supplement if it's experiencing conditions that lead to electrolyte loss, such as excessive sweating, prolonged exercise, or heat stress. Signs to watch for include fatigue, muscle weakness, and a decrease in performance. If you're unsure, consulting a veterinarian is always a wise decision, as they can provide guidance based on your horse's specific needs and health condition.

What makes these electrolyte supplements different from others on the market?

Our electrolyte supplements stand out due to their scientifically-backed formulations that are tailored to meet the unique physiological needs of horses. They contain a balanced blend of essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your horse's health. Additionally, their high solubility and palatable taste make them easy to incorporate into your horse's diet, providing both convenience and effectiveness.

Can I administer electrolyte supplements to my horse regularly, or only in specific situations?

Electrolyte supplements can be used both as a regular part of your horse's diet to maintain electrolyte balance and in specific situations where there's an increased need, such as after intense exercise or during hot weather. However, it's important to follow the recommended dosage and directions provided with the supplement. Over-supplementation can be as harmful as a deficit. For personalized advice, consult with your veterinarian to determine the best regimen for your horse’s unique needs and lifestyle.

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