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Body Protectors For Horse Riding

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8 products

Below you can see the range of body protectors and horse riding safety vests we have available from quality brands such as Champion and Vipa.

  • Champion Ti22 Adults Safety Vest-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    Champion Ti22 Adults Safe...
    From $474.95
  • Champion Ti22 Childs Safety Vest-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    Champion Ti22 Childs Safe...
    From $395.95

Browse Our Range of Horse Riding Body Protectors

Ensuring safety and comfort, our collection of horse riding body protectors is carefully curated to meet the needs of equestrians of all levels. Featuring renowned brands such as Champion and Vipa, our selection promises high-quality protection without compromising on style. Ideal for training and competition, these body protectors are designed to offer maximum impact absorption and flexibility, allowing for unrestricted movement while riding.

The Importance of Quality and Comfort

When it comes to horse riding, the right body protector can make all the difference. Our range includes options that are not only safety-certified but also ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the rider's body. This ensures not only safety but also comfort for extended periods of riding, making them a favorite among both amateur and professional riders.

Why Choose Our Body Protectors?

Our body protectors are selected for their superior materials, construction, and adherence to safety standards. With adjustable features and sizes for men, women, and children, we cater to every rider. Trust in our collection to provide you with the best in equestrian safety gear.

Popular Questions

Below are common questions we regularly get asked about this collection.

What safety standards do your body protectors meet?

Our body protectors conform to the latest safety standards, ensuring top-level impact protection and quality. Each product is rigorously tested to meet equestrian safety regulations. Also see our other safety products including a range of horse riding helmets.

Are there body protectors for children in your collection?

Yes, we offer a range of body protectors specifically designed for children, ensuring a safe and comfortable fit for young riders of all sizes.

How do I choose the right size body protector?

Choosing the right size is crucial for maximum protection and comfort. We recommend referring to our size guide and measurement instructions for an accurate fit.

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