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Horse Riding Boots & Footwear, Trainers, Workers

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202 products

We have a nice range of footwear for riders, trainers, and workers including riding boots, work boots, and casual footwear from top Australian and international brands. Includes men's and women's, and boots and shoes for children. Brands include Tucci, Ariat & Durango.

You can also view our unisex range of riding boots for men and women, and horse riding clothes.

  • Ego7 Luca Long Boot-Trailrace Equestrian Outfitters-The Equestrian
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    Ego7 Luca Long Boot
  • Tucci Harley Long Boots-Trailrace Equestrian Outfitters-The Equestrian
    Tucci Harley Long Boots
  • Premier Equine Lexaria Leather Half Chaps-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • small
    • medium
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    • x-large
    Premier Equine Lexaria Le...
  • Navy Pony Short Navy Thomas Cook Rubber Boots for Kids-Ascot Saddlery-The Equestrian
    Navy Pony Short Navy Thom...
    $39.95 $15.2062% Off!

Discover Your Perfect Pair

Step into the world of exceptional equestrian footwear with our exclusive collection at The Equestrian. Catering to the diverse needs of riders, trainers, and outdoor enthusiasts, our range features high-quality horse riding boots, durable work boots, and stylish casual wear. Each piece in our collection reflects a blend of functionality and fashion, sourced from renowned Australian and international brands. Whether you're seeking robust boots for demanding outdoor work or stylish footwear for casual outings, our versatile selection promises to meet your expectations.

Our collection boasts an inclusive range for men, women, and children, ensuring a perfect fit for every family member. Highlighting brands such as Tucci, Ariat, and Durango, we offer a fusion of modern design and traditional craftsmanship. From sleek riding boots for competitive equestrians to sturdy work boots designed for rugged terrains, each product in our range is crafted to provide maximum comfort and durability. Additionally, our casual footwear options, ranging from elegant designs to everyday styles, are perfect for those who appreciate equestrian-inspired fashion.

Popular Questions About Our Riding Boot & Footwear Range

Below are common questions we're asked about this collection.

What types of footwear are available in the collection?

Our collection includes horse riding boots, work boots, and casual footwear for riders, trainers, and outdoor enthusiasts. We cater to men, women, and children, offering a variety of styles to suit different needs and preferences.

Can you tell me about the brands featured in the collection?

Yes, our collection features top Australian and international brands, including Tucci, Ariat, and Durango. These brands are known for their quality craftsmanship and stylish designs, making them popular choices among equestrians and outdoor enthusiasts.

Are there options for both competitive riding and casual wear?

Absolutely! Our collection offers a range of options for competitive riding, such as sleek and functional riding boots, as well as casual footwear for everyday wear. Whether you're in the saddle or enjoying a casual day out, our footwear collection has something to suit your style and needs.