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55 of 641 products


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55 of 641 products

Kelato is on the most well known and popular horse health brands available in Australia. With products that can help a range of health issues including gut health, skin, hoof care, wound healing and more, it's no wonder equestrians around Australia love these products.

  • Kelato SwellDOWN-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    Kelato SwellDOWN
    From $34.95
  • $41.95
  • $45.95
  • Shop Kelato's High-Quality Equine Supplement - Kelatovit Powder-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • 2kg
    • 16kg
    Sold out
    Shop Kelato's High-Qualit...
    From $49.95
  • Zanobolic by Kelato - Premium Quality Supplement for Optimal Health and Performance-Trailrace Equestrian Outfitters-The Equestrian
    • 500g
    • 1.8kg
    • 4.5kg
    • 9kg
    Sold out
    Zanobolic by Kelato - Pre...
    From $46.95
  • Kelatolyte - The Ultimate Solution for Skin Care-Trailrace Equestrian Outfitters-The Equestrian
    • 800g
    • 3kg
    • 8kg
    Sold out
    Kelatolyte - The Ultimate...
    From $28.95
  • Kelato ZanoBolic Concentrate-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • 500g
    • 1.8kg
    • 4.5kg
    • 9.6kg
    Sold out
    Kelato ZanoBolic Concentrate
    From $54.95
  • Kelato Greasy Heel Lotion-Trailrace Equestrian Outfitters-The Equestrian
    • 250ml
    • 500ml
    Sold out
    Kelato Greasy Heel Lotion
    From $13.95
  • Kelatolyte Kelato 3kg-Ascot Saddlery-The Equestrian
    Sold out
    Kelatolyte Kelato 3kg
  • Betacalm Kelato 2kg-Ascot Saddlery-The Equestrian
    Sold out
    Betacalm Kelato 2kg
  • Aminogloss by Kelato - Premium Quality Nutritional Supplement for Horses-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • 1lt
    • 5lt
    • 20lt
    Sold out
    Aminogloss by Kelato - Pr...
    From $19.95
  • Box of Revolve horse wormer with syringe on white background.
    Sold out
    Kelato Revolve Horse Wormer
    $19.95 $14.0030% Off!
  • A container of HoofPRIME with a blue applicator cap on a white background, labeled for hoof care with an image of a horse.
    • 900ml
    • 5 litre
    Sold out
    Kelato Hoof Care Prime
    From $39.95
  • Shop Pulmonaid by Kelato - Premium Respiratory Support for Equines-Southern Sport Horses-The Equestrian
    • 1.8kg
    • 6kg
    • 12,5kg
    Sold out
    Shop Pulmonaid by Kelato ...
    From $149.95
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