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The Ultimate Slip On Shoe By Ariat - The Cruiser Review

Ariat cruiser show on white background

The Ariat Cruiser rises as a standout example of casual footwear, effortlessly merging aesthetic appeal with comfort and sturdiness. Something other shoes in a similar style constantly fail.

My personal experience of these shoes was sparked by my sister who keeps talking about how comfortable they are.

They have soft leather and superior cushioning, the Cruiser promised an extraordinary level of comfort right from the start.

However, what really drew me in was the difference in vibrant colors and patterns, each with its own distinct narrative.

As we look at the detailed aspects, we answer the question if the Ariat Cruiser shoes are truly deserving of the reviews they receive? Also see our review of the Ariat Wexford boots.

Points To Note

  • The Ariat Cruiser stands out as a top choice for casual Ariat footwear, brilliantly blending style with comfort and durability. It offers a broad selection of colors and patterns, high-quality leather materials, and superior foot cushioning, catering to a variety of foot shapes and sizes for unparalleled ease.
  • Inspired by the legendary Secretariat, the Cruiser's heritage underscores Ariat's commitment to innovation and excellence in quality. This shoe not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, solidifying the brands esteemed position in the market.

Ariat Cruiser Overview

The Ariat Cruiser slip-on shoes represent a perfect mix of style and comfort, becoming a top pick for those who love casual footwear that doesn't compromise on looks or practical support.

These shoes are made from high-quality leather and are especially suited for people with wide feet due to their excellent arch support.

With a focus on durability and aesthetic, the Ariat Cruiser ensures a versatile and stylish addition to any collection of shoes. Other Ariat product we've reviewed include the Ariat Roper boots, and Ariat Stanbroke.

Ariat Eco Cruiser shoes on a white background

A pair of ECO BRUNETTE Crusiers

Key Features Explained

The Ariat Cruiser slip-on shoes excel in merging style, comfort, and durability, presenting an outstanding selection for those who appreciate casual footwear.

  • Quality Leather: Features soft, yet resilient leather that matures attractively over time.

  • Comfort: Provides ample cushioning beneath the feet for enduring wear throughout the day.

  • Style: Offers chic and adaptable designs that easily complement casual outfits.

  • Durability: Crafted to endure regular use without sacrificing comfort.

Sizing and Fit Guide

Choosing the right size for Ariat Cruiser slip-ons is key to achieving a comfortable and snug fit that caters to a variety of foot shapes and sizes.

These shoes are renowned for their quality and durability, providing a fit that adjusts to your foot over time.

The sizing is accurate, making it straightforward to select a size that offers comfort and style for everyday wear.

Brand Heritage Insights

 Ariat has a reputation for comfort and style for both footwear and clothing:

  • The comfort of footwear that echoes the warmth of home

  • Slip-ons made from premium full grain leather

  • A brand renowned for its dedication to quality

  • Reviews from customers overflowing with admiration and trust

Each aspect highlights the brand's commitment to not just crafting footwear, but offering a piece of its rich history.Real Customer Testimonials

Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with Ariat Cruisers, noting the outstanding comfort and support these shoes offer.

  • The fit is ideal for wearing throughout the day, suitable for casual occasions.

  • Sufficient cushioning provides comfort that lasts.

  • Elastic sections accommodate different foot shapes, ensuring a close and comfortable fit.

  • Positive feedback from users often highlights the shoes' adaptable style and long-lasting quality.

These endorsements emphasize the Cruiser's reputation as a comfortable and fashionable choice.

Product Description Details

Exploring the Ariat Cruiser's product details, we uncover a carefully designed slip-on, noted for its distressed leather make and a comfort footbed intended for prolonged use.

This luxurious creation features a cushioned insole, providing a soft feel underfoot. Its lastingness is unparalleled, credited to the rough oak color choice that brings an earthy allure.

These cruisers offer simplicity in wearing with their slip-on style, making them a necessary addition to any collection.


Ariat suede shoe on white background

A pair of Ariat Cruiser Suede Slip Ons

Care and Materials

The Ariat Cruiser, made from premium leather, prioritizes longevity while presenting a distinct, weathered appearance that contributes to its unique appeal.

  • Leather Upper: Guarantees durability and evolves over time.

  • Comfort Footbed: Offers a plush, supportive base for daily wear.

  • Elastic Insets: Provide ease in slipping the shoe on and off, enhancing flexibility.

  • Cushioned Insole: Delivers additional comfort, ideal for prolonged use.

Related Footwear Options

Exploring the wide selection of Ariat footwear uncovers a variety of options that cater to different preferences and requirements, perfectly complementing the beloved Cruiser line.

These choices are not only comfortable; they also capture the essence of casual sophistication with their easy slip-on feature.

Each pair is built to last, promising durability and versatile enough to suit various occasions, embodying the spirit of effortless fashion.

Popular Questions

Below you can see some common questions we get asked about these shoes.

Can the Ariat Cruiser Shoes Be Resoled Once the Duratread Outsole Wears Down, or Are They a One-Time Use Product?

Ariat Cruiser shoes are equipped with a durable Duratread outsole. Unfortunately, due to their specific construction, these shoes typically cannot be resoled once the outsole has worn down. Designed for longevity, they are often seen as a product with a single lifecycle regarding the outsole's durability.

Are There Any Specific Cleaning Products or Methods Recommended by Ariat to Maintain the Distressed Leather Look of the Cruiser Shoes Without Damaging Them?

To preserve the distinctive distressed leather appearance of the Cruiser shoes, Ariat suggests utilizing specialized products meant for this type of leather. Conditioning regularly and cleaning gently will help in keeping their unique look intact without causing harm.

How Does the Ariat Cruiser's Arch Support Compare to Orthopedic or Medically Designed Footwear for Those With Specific Foot Health Concerns?

The Ariat Cruiser provides decent arch support for everyday use, but this may not be equivalent to the specialized support that orthopedic or medically designed footwear offers for specific foot health issues.

Is the Elastic Used in the Side Panels of the Ariat Cruiser Shoes Sourced From Sustainable Materials or Processes?

The question concerning the environmental friendliness of the elastic elements in the side panels of Ariat Cruiser shoes reflects a wider consumer interest in responsibly sourced products. Yet, detailed information on whether these materials are derived from sustainable practices has not been revealed by the company.

For Customers Living in Extreme Climates, How Do the Ariat Cruiser Shoes Hold up Against Heavy Rain or Snow, and Are There Any Protective Treatments Recommended to Enhance Their Durability in Such Conditions?

For those living in areas with severe weather, Ariat Cruiser footwear might need extra protective measures to ensure they can endure heavy rain or snow, as their original construction might not be fully equipped for such harsh conditions.

Final Points

The Ariat Cruiser emerges as a pinnacle of casual shoes, expertly merging aesthetics with comfort and lastingness. Its wide array of colors and patterns, along with top-notch leather fabrication and exceptional cushioning beneath the foot, accommodates various foot shapes and sizes, delivering unmatched ease.

The Cruiser's legacy, inspired by the renowned Secretariat, highlights Ariat's dedication to innovation and superior quality. This piece of footwear doesn't just fulfill but surpasses consumer expectations, cementing its prestigious status in the marketplace.

Chris Durkan

Chris is an enthusiastic horse rider and enthusiast and lives with his wife and 2 kids , just outside of Brisbane in QLD. He is a self confessed horse obsessed father, and says he makes too many horse and equestrian gear purchases for his wife and kids, which he says, makes him "qualified" to have an opinion on many of the products he buys. While he jokes he's a poor horse dad, he spends his time between his family, his small horse property, working at a local IT firm, and writing for The Equestrian.

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