The Ultimate In Equestrian Fashion - The History
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Who Is Animo?

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Animo is arguably one of the most popular equestrian brands available in Australia and around the world. It has built a reputation for high quality and value for money. While purchasing a pair of Animo breeches, for example, while not cheap their pricing is comparable to other available similar quality breeches. What you can be sure of is the long standing quality of the product built on the strong reputation that has evolved over many years.

The Beginning Of Animo

Animo is one of the longest running equestrian brands in the world. It was founded in 1969 in Italy, and unlike some other brands, is still 100% made in that country. Not only does the company develop and make equestrian apparel and fashion it's now also expanded into the golf and leisure markets.


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Unique Equestrian Fashion Technology

Animo over the years has built a reputation to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. In particular the brand is well known for creating riding clothing allowing for optimal rider performance due to its ‘elasticity’ and special composition to maintain a constant body temperature.

Similar to other high quality fashion clothing silver is also used in the fabric to prevent bacterial growth and reduce moisture build up.

Fashion For Riders

Along with high tech production the brand has developed a reputation of being incredibly stylish and a first choice, not only for amateur riders, but professionals in all equestrian disciplines.


Animo has expanded into a range of product including men's breeches, women's breeches, riding jackets, competition and casual shirts, saddle pads, bandages, bonnets, riding boots, and general sportswear.

Sponsored Riders

As with all top equestrian brands they have built a strong list of professional riders as ambassadors for the brand. You can visit this page for the full list. However names include: Kent Farrington, Yuri Mansur, Pius Schwizer, Michael Jung, Michael Whitaker, and Christian Ahlmann.

 Where To Purchase In Australia

DappeEQ is the Animo agent in Australia and stock the full range of Animo products. You can visit the DappleEQ store page here.



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