It's time for an Equestrian Marketplace for everyone

As a team, The Equestrian is founded by individuals who have experience across all sectors of the equestrian industry.

Our team consists of individuals who have many successful years experience in equestrian retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and e-commerce. The team also consists of digital marketing professionals, current and past professional trainers and competition riders across a range of disciplines. Most important of all, we have a passion for horses and the Australian equine community.

This allows us to be in a unique position to leverage our years of experience and give you as a customer or vendor, the unique opportunity to buy and sell online in one place, for not only new physical equestrian products, but also list your courses, horses for sale, transport, property, and almost anything else you can buy or sell in the one equestrian marketplace.

Simply, it was time that there was one place in Australia where you can buy and sell not only second hand gear, but give retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to list their products where everyone shops.

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